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Sep 19

What Does AFI Coaching and Consulting Do?

AFI Coaching & Consulting:  finding the Answers for your Issues.


Making the decision to move an elder loved one into managed care is not an easy undertaking.  Feelings will be hurt, tears will be shed and relationship dynamics will be shifted.  However, the fact remains that sometimes, managed care is necessary. 


I have worked in the senior living industry for over ten years.  In that time, I would say that 98% of the people I moved into communities have done so under a crisis situation.  A loved one has fallen ill, broken something or let their needs get ahead of them and wound up in a hospital.  The result is a doctor telling you that your loved one can no longer live on their own and oh, by the way, we are discharging them in three days.  Because this situation was never considered, no plans were ever discussed. 


What to do? What to do?


You are left with a decision that will drastically alter someone else’s life.  How do you do that to someone you love?


That is where I come in.  I help you through the process.  I hold your hand and help to guide your loved one through the process as well.  I teach you what to look for in a community, what questions to ask and how to present the decision. 


I then work with your loved one to ease the transition.  Together we find out what is important to make them comfortable and then make a plan to engage in their new lifestyle. 


The result is less tears, less hurt feelings and a relationship based on love and gratitude.


Tom Callahan

AFI Coaching & Consulting


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