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Oct 22

Talking Points to Discuss Senior Living!

Talking Points for When Someone Says,
“I don’t need to worry or think about elder care.”

• Oh? You don’t plan to get any older? Because you know it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. So, isn’t it better to be prepared and make the decisions for yourself rather than have someone make them for you?

• That’s nice that you have a will. BUT, you know that’s only good and active when you are dead – right? Everyone should have a Living Will and a Power of Attorney because who wants to wind up like Terry Shaivo. Yeah, she had all these decisions made but not written down. Wound up being on life support for 15 years and multiple legal battles which reached all the way to the White House and tore apart her family. Tunisia And, least we mention what the cost of care to her family was- all because she didn’t have anything written down.

• Just because you make Elder Care decisions now doesn’t mean you are ready to die. Just the opposite – it means you want to go on living…without a burden being put on your family. webhosting information .

• Making plans now lets you live life with a safety net so that when something goes bad, (AND IT WILL), you’re already prepared.

• Failure to plan is a plan to fail.

• Holding onto the big house and all the possessions is like the monkey who got his hand stuck in the jar full of peanuts. If the monkey had taken the time to assess the situation, it would have found that by knocking the jar over, it could have had all the peanuts it wanted. You will have so much more if you make spending time with your loved ones a priority – not the house where they grew up.

• Having long term care insurance makes the difference between you having to share a room in facility based care or having your own room. Now which would you rather have?

• If you really want to get an idea of retirement community living – then sit down an really plot out the monthly expenses of maintaining the big house then compare it to what your cost would be in a retirement community. You will be very surprised.

• “Oh, you don’t want to be around a bunch of old people?” Really? So why are you acting so stubborn about making a plan for the future? Only “old people” are supposed to be crotchety.

• What are you so afraid of? Dying? Guess what – we’re all going to die. Smart people plan on living right for the rest of their lives. Smart aging never gets old.

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