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Aug 14

Stop Fighting Aging – It’s Going to Happen Whether You Like It or Not!

There is an old adage about a monkey being caught with its hand stuck in a peanut jar.  Because it refused to let go of a few of the peanuts, (thus, not being able to free its hand), it got caught.   This adage applies to many things in life,  but it truly exemplifies peoples’ attitudes toward aging and retiring.

Retiring isn’t just leaving a career you have been dedicated to for a number of yearsin order to collect social security and possibly a pension.  Retirement is a new stage of life one enters usually in their mid to late sixties.  It is the one stage of life people think they have planned for enough, just because they put some money away to make up for the loss of steady income. 

It is also the one stage of life people enter into most unprepared. 

People are not prepared to age. 

Yes, we all get those little aches every now and then but what do we do? We muster on.  We go about our daily lives and ignore the tell tale signs of aging.  If your knee hurts, you pop an Advil.  If you back is aching, you go to the chiropractor.  But, do you take into consideration that those minor issues could someday grow into something bigger?  Something that could radically curtail your lifestyle?  The answer is, “No.” 

People don’t want to admit that they are getting older.  We tend to think of  ourselves as fifteen years younger than we actually are.  We rationalize away those “little”issues and instead put on blinders to the possibility that we may, someday, need some help. 

Everybody does it.  And then are surprised, (and unprepared), when the big issue strikes. 

We have all had the experience of shopping for a place to live, a car to drive or even the sweater that we don’t really need.  But how many of us have ever looked into senior living or elder care?  I should say, “How many of us have ever looked into it withoutit being forced upon us?”

 Do you know what an Assisted Living Community is and how it differs from a Skilled Nursing Facility?  Or are they just “An old age home” to you?

 The answers will surprise you.  But then again, you already think you know the answers because of what you have seen on television or heard third-hand from friends.

 Senior living and elder care is the one area that very few people consider when planning their retirement.  Instead, the focus is on what activities you are going to indulge in, what trips you are going to take and to what part of Florida you are going to move.

 Surprise!  These are all taken into consideration by the various senior living and elder care providers.  They have options galore!  Most people don’t consider these options when planning because they “Don’t want to live around old people.”

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