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Oct 22

Talking Points to Discuss Senior Living!

Talking Points for When Someone Says, “I don’t need to worry or think about elder care.” • Oh? You don’t plan to get any older? Because you know it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. So, isn’t it better to be prepared and make the decisions for yourself rather than have someone …

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Sep 19

What Does AFI Coaching and Consulting Do?

AFI Coaching & Consulting:  finding the Answers for your Issues.   Making the decision to move an elder loved one into managed care is not an easy undertaking.  Feelings will be hurt, tears will be shed and relationship dynamics will be shifted.  However, the fact remains that sometimes, managed care is necessary.    I have …

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Sep 17

I Never Want to Get Old!

Vid bröllopet tärnorna bära något bättre? Även om bara ta tärnor, klädd också lite vacker Åh, vad en klassisk brudtärna klänning färg är det? Jag tror att många människor behöver oroa sig för valet av klädsel, så idag måste vi tolka vad brudtärna klänningar klassiska färger, så varken en brudtärna på bröllopet ta brudens åska, …

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Aug 14

Stop Fighting Aging – It’s Going to Happen Whether You Like It or Not!

There is an old adage about a monkey being caught with its hand stuck in a peanut jar.  Because it refused to let go of a few of the peanuts, (thus, not being able to free its hand), it got caught.   This adage applies to many things in life,  but it truly exemplifies peoples’ attitudes …

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